Epsilon Alert™ is a system-based communication management platform that allows you to create, manage, and track communication delivered to and acknowledged by individuals in your organisation. It does not rely upon an email system and so enables the organisation to deliver, track and manage communications directly to your staff – targeted, specific, current and relevant information.

Running as a stand-alone application, Epsilon Alert’s Windows-based client gets attention by displaying messages on screen. The solution collates information relevant for each specific recipient and presents a summary of alert messages in an easy-to-manage client interface.
Alert recipients can quickly acknowledge messages or review their message history to find important information that they had previously acknowledged.

Alert Administrators can create and send rich text messages and manage groups via a browser based web portal.
The easy-to-use dashboards provide detailed management reporting on – among other things – what alert messages were sent to whom and when as well as who has received and acknowledged the alert messages.

Alert’s powerful campaign builder creates automated, sequenced and timed communications for specific recipient groups who need to systematically build on a list of actions or learning over time.

The Alert server recognises Active Directory® groups that a recipient belongs to and provides information applicable to their role, allowing for the creation of special groups for particular messages.

A web-based back-end allows for creation of messages and associated links, and makes it easy to associate those messages to Active Directory® groups or to individual recipients.
Epsilon Alert™ can be used to notify and inform recipients of things such as critical changes to business processes relevant to their role, system outages, policy changes, legislative changes, OH&S statutory requirements – and tracks their receipt and acknowledgement of those communications.

What is wrong with Email?
Communication sent out via email often gets lost in the noise of the corporate inbox.
Emails have become the dead-end of critical information notification. With the average employee receiving over 100 messages per day, messages often go unread and new processes remain unactioned.

Communicating changes to critical business operations requires a system that delivers notifications directly to a recipient’s desktop, from within their business-as-usual working environment. Tracking acknowledgement of these changes and providing detailed reporting at the back-end requires a solution that goes beyond email.

How is Epsilon Alert™ Different?

  • Delivers targeted notifications to recipient’s desktop environment of important changes that affect them
  • Responds to the recipient’s actions as they complete their business-as-usual tasks within the application
  • Provides capability to leverage an existing email system as an alternative delivery mechanism if or as required
  • Manages limited life information centrally to eradicate unnecessary communication
  • Tracks recipient’s receipt and acknowledgement of important communications
  • Hierarchical alert structures enables administrators to target specific recipients with contextual messages
  • Active Directory® integration allows for the creation of groups combining both AD and non AD recipients as well as ad hoc groups
  • Provides simple, web-based reporting options
  • Integrates communication administration into the reporting interface.

Epsilon Alert™ provides a wide range of unique benefits:

  • Improves business continuity, compliance and service quality
  • Consolidates the notification infrastructure to increase reliability and lower total cost of ownership
  • Removes human and email latency from business-critical communication processes
  • Expedites, manages and records accurate responses to critical changes
  • Ensures that time-expired communications (such as a system outage after the event) is not delivered after the time frame for the relevance of the message has passed
  • Enables communication with employees who do not have a corporate email account and significantly reduces redundant internal emails for those who do

Here’s how Epsilon Alert™ works:

Epsilon Alert’s Windows-based client gets attention by displaying messages on screen. The Alert client sits in the system tray and the alert messages will, depending upon the priority level as determined by the Alert administrator, indicate that an alert message has been received through escalating means of notification (right up to an immediate screen popup for an emergency Alert). The importance or urgency of the message determines the behaviour of the alert when received by the recipient.
The Details tab shows recipient’s receipt and acknowledgement of an Alert.
The list can be filtered to show Status and or Date Range and a new ‘child’ alert created.
The state of the alert is displayed numerically and by a pie chart, whilst alerts can be manually ‘checked’ by the administrator.
Standard reports are available to monitor the generation and status of Alerts.
Records of all activities related to Alerts, including recipient acknowledgement, are stored in the database. This information is available via pre-defined reports or can be exported for use in a reporting engine of your choice.

Epsilon Alert™ is built for flexibility and broad use across an organisation for a variety of communication purposes, including:

  • Operational updates – staff movements, HR initiatives, training reminders
  • Organisational compliance – statutory notifications, OH&S requirements
  • Network notifications – system outages, software upgrades
  • Emergency alerts – safety announcements and crisis management
  • Process changes – new policies and procedural updates
  • Sales and marketing information – performance data, product updates, promotions

If you need an efficient and traceable delivery mechanism for your business critical information, Epsilon Alert™ is a simple but effective solution that promotes staff engagement, achieves organisation-wide compliance and avoids email overload.

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