What is Performance Support?
Performance Support is a mode of learning that is process-embedded, contextual to what the user is doing at that time and provides just enough relevant information at just the right time to support an end user at their exact moment of need.

Put simply, Performance Support is the ability to immediately acquire skills or knowledge that will assist the end user in the completion of a task while in the context of the job.

With the sheer volume of information inundating today’s knowledge workers, a Performance Support System provides just the information that they need when they need it. So by using a Performance Support System your employees won’t feel that the information they need is being delivered like “drinking from a fire hydrant”.

How Can a Performance Support System Benefit My Organization?

Epsilon Context™ Performance Support software can play a key role in supporting your end user population.

This is particularly true in organizations with high employee turnover or limited Helpdesk resources. The need to constantly train new employees and bring them up to a competent performance level can create a huge resource drain – at massive cost – on an organization.
Similarly if resources are not available to answer questions for new users this can lead to slow time-to-competency rates and correspondingly high error rates.
Epsilon Context™ can also be beneficial when the system or transaction in question is used infrequently. Since infrequent use equates to end users forgetting how to use the system or how to do that transaction.

The Forgetting Curve3

Performance Support is an informal, experiential learning mode that matches the way that we use and retain knowledge. This overcomes the “forgetting curve”.

The forgetting curve describes the reason why typical formal training methods are not as effective or useful as informal, experiential Performance Support in supporting your employees in doing their day-to-day tasks.

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