With the project timeline pressures of a new software rollout or upgrade, attempting to produce training and support material manually using
Microsoft Word® with screenshots in time to be able to train your end-users is almost impossible.

It is in this “time crunch” between when your new system has been built – and hence training material can be authored that reflects your go-live version – and prior to go-live is where Epsilon Content™ is essential in being able to provide end-users with the material they need to gain competency with new systems.

Epsilon Content™ is a software application that automatically records screen-based processes and creates professional training documentation and online help content, quickly and easily. Authoring is automatic, fast and simple – so simple that authors can create content with little or no instruction – and the published output is ready to distribute to end-users.

Epsilon Content™also allows you to structure content – any information that exists anywhere within your organisation – into a contiguous process so that it reflects your organisation’s business processes. This provides a platform that links all elements of a process, regardless of their format, in a way that is easy to set up and maintain and provides an easy to use single access-point for the procedural content to the end-user.

Epsilon Content™ provides a wide range of unique benefits:

  • Non-technical authors can quickly create system training material in just three easy steps: auto-record, review & edit and publish
  • Simple interface which is clear and easy to use
  • Uses a powerful recording engine which automatically captures images, actions and text
  • Published output is generated as a ready-to-print document or ready-to-deploy HTML
  • Automatically includes action area highlighting
  • Allows ad hoc text to be added to better detail and describe tasks and screen instructions
  • Enables a project team to meet training deadlines before go- live by enabling rapid training content development using your SME’s or BA’s without needing to train them in how to use Epsilon Content™
  • Increases end user adoption of a newly implemented system with the deployment of low-bandwidth, high impact HTML content
  • Creates comprehensive and cohesive documentation of business processes

Here’s how Epsilon Content™ works:




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